– About the Artist

I was born in Sweden but raised up in Hanoi, Vietnam. My father is Swedish and my mother Vietnamese. As an artist my main source of inspiration derives from the questions surrounding my cultural heritage. I am deeply inspired by motifs and themes from Sweden and Vietnam’s contrasting traditions.

My work tends to deal with personal themes and topics. Quite often my work reflects my current state of mind, my worries and my longings. A topic that has followed my work throughout the years is my longing to communicate and to solve the internal confusions caused by an undefined cultural identity. My work exists not only to question cultural and social stigmas but also to celebrate and connect to different aspects of my cultures. In my case I am specifically drawn to the spiritual attributes of culture presumably because of its function for me. At the same time as spirituality and its mysterious/ unanswered qualities fascinates me, spirituality also helps me unravel knots in my thoughts and make sense of my problems.

My work tends to take the shape of a ritual or have a ritual-like process to it. My paintings and sculptures are repetitive and time consuming. When I work on them I enter a ritual, a personal ritual that is frustrating at the same time as it is therapeutic. A recurring material in my work is lacquer as I find comfort in its qualities. The adding and erasing process of lacquer adequately reflects the searching and finding of sense in my work and consequently my personal life.